Eric Fagnan Bioware Mass Effect 3 and why everyone should be disappointed with this poor developer

Repair Matrix Power
– Base duration decreased from 15 to 8 seconds
– Base number of shields restored per second reduced from 150 to 75
– Evolution 1 damage reduction bonus decreased from 10% to 5%
– Evolution 6 damage reduction bonus decreased from 15% to 10%

Alliance Infiltration Unit
– Base melee damage reduced from 400 to 350
– Base heavy melee damage reduced from 750 to 650

Why was the melee attack nerf needed?

I don’t understand when you parse all the weapons, most suck. lots of characters aren’t viable for soloists either or even duo playstyles. I don’t understand why Eric Fagnan wants to make every weapon and character shit. It’s stupid. I’ve never seen a game mistreated this much and all the people on the Mass Effect Community forums are fucking losers. All of them.