Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Balance Changes October & Eric Fagnan

I thought Eric Fagnan had got smart as he was starting to buff and not nerf the game, but he’s really outdone himself this time. He fucked over the Devastator and the Demolisher. At this point I hope this guy gets fucking wrecked by the community and I hope he loses his job and he just disappears from the game industry. Him chris, derek and that douche bryan johnson, that moderates the forums there, he’s a real piece of shit. ***ALSO I am moderating comments because the first 3 pages were just death threats again, wishing eric harm, and while I think he deserves a good fucking beating and his walking papers at Bioware, I can’t say I wish him death. So I’ll approve any comments, ANY – as long as they don’t wish for death to come for Eric or the other Bioware idiots working on multiplayer. That’s just too harsh, and that’s not the point of the blog. It also may take awhile for me to approve them. I’m not seeing anything worthy. Although that list of douche bag players on the Bioware Social Network does interest me. Might publish something on that.

Here’s the douchebag teams nerfs:

October 24, 2012

Asari Valkyrie Sentinel kit now available as a new Rare card

New hazard maps available this week are Firebase Glacier and Firebase White

– Added an Asari Valkyrie challenge to Commando Mastery

Krogan Shaman
– Now moves at the same speed as other Krogan when carrying objectives
– Added skin tone as a customization option

Turian Ghost and Havok
– Now move at the same speed as other Turians when carrying objectives

Reaper Husk
– Score rewards for kills and assists on Husks increased by 50%

Reaper Brute
– (Silver) Armor increased from 7500 to 9000
– (Gold) Armor increased from 9000 to 13500
– (Platinum) Armor increased from 11700 to 15210

Cerberus Wave Data
– (Bronze) Wave 9: Removed 1 Dragoon and added 1 Engineer
– (Silver) Wave 9: Removed 1 Dragoon and added 1 Centurion
– (Silver) Extraction: Removed 1 Dragoon and added 1 Centurion

Geth Wave Data
– (Bronze) Extraction: Removed 1 Hunter and added 1 Trooper
– (Silver) Wave 10: Removed 1 Prime and both Hunters and added 3 Troopers
– (Silver) Extraction: Removed 1 Prime and both Bombers and added 3 Rocket Troopers

Geth Prime
– (All Difficulties) Cooldown for spawning Turrets and Drones increased by 50%

Geth Hunter
– Delay between shotgun bursts increased from [0.9-1.5] to [1.2-1.8]
– Shotgun rate of fire decreased from 60 to 45

– The hit reaction chance multiplier is the chance for players to hit react the Hunter
– (Bronze) Hit reaction chance multiplier went from 80% to 90%
– (Silver) Hit reaction chance multiplier went from 65% to 75%
– (Gold) Hit reaction chance multiplier went from 50% to 60%
– (Platinum) Hit reaction chance multiplier went from 40% to 50%

– (Silver) Movement speed modifier while cloaked decreased from 90% to 80%
– (Gold) Movement speed modifier while cloaked decreased from 110% to 90%
– (Platinum) Movement speed modifier while cloaked decreased from 110% to 100%

Drell Assassin Passive Power (All Drell Kits)
– Rank 1 power damage bonus increased from 5% to 10%
– Evolution 1 weapon damage bonus increased from 7.5% to 10%
– Evolution 2 power damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%
– Evolution 3 power damage bonus increased from 15% to 20%
– Evolution 4 head shot damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%
– Evolution 6 weapon damage bonus increased from 10% to 12.5%

Turian Veteran Passive Power (Original 2 Turian Kits)
– Rank 1 weapon damage bonus increased from 7.5% to 10%
– Evolution 1 weapon damage bonus increased from 7.5% to 10%
– Evolution 2 power damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%
– Evolution 3 power damage bonus increased from 15% to 20%
– Evolution 4 head shot damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%
– Evolution 6 weapon damage bonus increased from 10% to 12.5%

Devastator Mode Power
– Base magazine size bonus decreased from 25% to 15%
– Rank 2 magazine size bonus decreased from 10% to 5%
– Evolution 3 magazine size bonus decreased from 25% to 15%
– Evolution 4 rate of fire bonus decreased from 25% to 15%

Hawk Missile Launcher Power
– Base damage and force increased from 150 to 200
– Evolve 1 shield penalty reduction increased from 25% to 40%

Supply Pylon Power
– Base frequency for spawning ammo increased from 15 to 17.5 seconds
– Base frequency for spawning grenades increased from 20 to 24 seconds
– Evolution 3 weapon damage bonus decreased from 15% to 10%
– Evolution 4 power damage bonus decreased from 15% to 10%

Cryo Explosion Power Combo
– Damage increased from [75-200] to [100-250]


Eric Fagnan New Multiplayer “Balance” Changes

First off, sorry I closed comments on the other posts. I think enough was said. I have these set to moderate, just because of the negative death threat posts towards Fagnan. I rather just see him replaced by someone experienced.

The new changes seem like Eric Fagnan is setting us up for a big nerf next week, because that’s how he does things. Hopefully not, but once a noob, always a noob. These latest changes are either him trying to make things better, or just a setup. I love how because players won Operation Alloy, they are given something. Makes it sound like if they fail the next event, he’ll nerf/take away something, which makes me think this Fagnan hasn’t learned anything. My guess is the real people that run the show at Bioware or EA told Eric not to do any nerfing so they’d not be so angry they wouldn’t by the Leviathan DLC.

On a side note – the game is really dead. Everyone is either playing the mod/emu whatever you call it, because the number of posts in “that place” is like 9 to 1 on the official forums. Either that or they all went to guild wars 2.

Here’s the latest changes:

August 28, 2012

Gold and Platinum Difficulties
– Enemy shield/barrier damage gates on weapon damage reduced from 90% to 75%, which means
25% of the remaining weapon damage will pass through to health.

Medigel maximum capacity increased from 5 to 6 due to the success of Operation Alloy

Falcon Assault Rifle
– Encumbrance decreased from [2.0-1.4] to [1.75-1]

Geth Pulse Rifle
– Damage increased from [24.1-30.1] to [27.4-34.2]

Hawk Missile Launcher Power
– Rank 3 damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%
– Evolve 1 shield penalty reduction increased from 15% to 25%
– Evolve 2 damage bonus increased from 30% to 40%
– Evolve 3 missile refire time reduction increased from 25% to 35%
– Evolve 5 damage of split missiles increased from 50% to 75%
– Evolve 6 damage bonus increased from 100% to 150%

Eric Fagnan Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and the reason we have weekend events, balance changes Operation Olympus

Eric Fagnan shouldn’t be looking at the data mined from the weekend events, trying to see what good guns or character powers need to be worse or ‘nerfed’. He needs to make all the bad guns, bad characters and powers good instead. Most of the guns and older characters are garbage. The players know which guns suck so they use the good guns, then Eric nerfs the good guns. good powers or characters. He’s going about his job completely backwards.

He should approach it like a professional. Look at what Blizzard games is doing and not just with the skills/abilities etc that aren’t good, but people who want to solo. It is a good look at a professional studios way of handling things, instead of the lazy approach Eric Fagnan takes. Also note Cryptic Games, SoE (with DCUO, letting us get raid content through duos is awesome) and many shooters (what me3 is) take the same approach as Blizzard. Here’s what I’m talking about, read and apply to Mass Effect 3.

We're making a metric-ton of changes to classes, so we’re going to have separate blog posts for each. But in general we’re looking at unpopular skills and asking ourselves a few questions:

Does the skill have any control or readability issues that would make the skill less satisfying to use? If so – polish the skill more. A good example here is the Barbarian Rend ability – many people don’t use it because you can’t always tell which enemies are affected by the bleed and which aren’t.
Does the skill fill a similar role as an extremely popular skill? If so, buff the skill to be competitive with the popular skill. For example, Bola Shot could be a solid skill, but simply doesn’t have the raw damage when compared to Hungering Arrow, so we’re buffing Bola Shot to be competitive.
Does a skill have a dominant rune? If so, can we buff the underused runes to be more competitive? A good example here is the Wizard Hydra skill. The Venom Hydra is by far the most popular rune, and for good reason, so we are buffing the other runes to make them more competitive with Venom Hydra.
Is the skill a resource spender? In general we have found that many resource spenders just don’t do enough for their resource cost. Here I would use the example of Wave of Light, which is a fairly significant expenditure of Spirit that doesn’t always seem worthwhile. Many damage-oriented resource spenders are receiving buffs in 1.0.4

And then this:

While many people are playing co-op, it’s still a minority of games. Ideally we would like players who want to play solo to be able to solo, and players who want to play co-op to play co-op. At the moment though playing solo is the clear choice, even for those who would prefer co-op with some of their friends.

The change we made back in 1.0.3 to remove the bonus monster damage per additional player was a great start, but we can clearly go a bit further. The first change we’re making in 1.0.4 for co-op is to remove averaging in multiplayer games of Magic Find and Gold Find. You’ll benefit from your full Magic Find stat, independent of other players in the game. We originally added Magic Find averaging so optimal play did not involve people stacking what we call “adventure stats” to the detriment of their party. While this may re-emerge as a problem, we think the current solution feels like too much of a penalty, and is doing more harm than good.

Along the same lines as the change in 1.0.3, we’re going to be lowering the health multiplier for monsters per additional player in co-op games. It’s going to be a flat 75% in 1.0.4 for all difficulty levels, as opposed to the scaling 75/85/95/110% it is now. This makes enemies far more manageable in co-op games, and rewards a co-ordinated group with a higher farming efficiency than playing alone.

Would buffing the skill increase or decrease build diversity? Some skills when buffed cause other skills to become obsolete, so there’s a net decrease in build diversity - we’re more careful with those. Other skills, when buffed, add to the total pool of appealing skills, which increases build diversity.

We know there are a lot of you out there that are really frustrated by the difficulty of some of the champion and rare packs, so in 1.0.4 we’re going to shrink the gap between normal monsters and Elite packs (Champions and Rares). The design intent of Champion and Rare packs is to provide a spike of challenge, but in general we feel like the gap is too big. Normal monsters die quickly and are usually just fodder, and Champions and Rares can feel like a brick wall. In general we’re looking to bring normal enemies up a smidge, and Champions and Rares down.

So, in 1.0.4 we’re increasing the health of normal monsters by approximately 5%-10% in Inferno, but also increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four. We’re correspondingly lowering the health of Champions and Rares by 10-25% and editing specific affixes to shrink the difficulty gap. We’re still working on those numbers, but that’s approximately what we’re shooting for.

To further reduce the gap between normal and Elite monsters, we’re adjusting some of the more frustrating monster affixes, such as Fire Chains and Shielding.* Of course there are some normal monsters that are massive spikes in difficulty too, and we’ll be making polish adjustments to a few of those as well, like reducing the damage of two-handed skeletons like Skull Cleavers.

Both Taken from here -

That's how Eric should approach balancing the guns and powers the characters use, exactly like Diablo 3 does and several other games, just maybe he needs a more recent studio's take on similar aspects, items and full co0op versus solo or duo play. He needs to go back and make the bad things in ME3 more competitive, but stop with the lazy nerfing. I don't need to get into and heavy details and hopefully he sees this. The game is just not fun when guns in ME3 mostly suck and every other game you'll find mostly good games. Gears or L4D even Borderlands are a good example of pick up any gun off the ground and you can own with it based on true skill, because they are made to all be effective. The enemies too are very difficult for most of the average players I know even on silver. Eric needs to understand, like Blizzard and all those other games mentioned that some people play alone or co-op (2 player) but don't want to be stuck in bronze. In the end Blizzard is dealing with a real cash auction house in there game, ME3 is just some tacked on shooter. It has packs people can spend real money on but you don't need to. It's even hackable. Especially around the events! It's easy to tease Eric and call him an asshole and its easy to give up and go play the mod/emulator, but I want the official game to do more like it should. It just personally bothers me he doesn't see that the same approach Blizzard uses above, is what he needs to do to make everyone happy. If it was me I'd also try to add in a way to customize guns further like Ghost Recon Future Soldier does, so there would be a wide array of builds for guns and new things to unlock even to place into building your gun, unrelated to the mod attachments. Either way by buffing all the bad guns and classes to make them competitive with the good guns, is leveling the playing field.

Eric Fagnan Strikes Again ( Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer “balance” Changes )

N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle
– Damage multiplier when fully ramped up decreased from [2.0x] to [1.5x]

N7 Indra Sniper Rifle
– Damage increased from [62.6-78.2] to [72.6-92.2]

Prothean Particle Beam Assault Rifle
– Damage increased from [17.2-21.4] to [19.2-25.8]

Smash Power
– Base cooldown increased from 5 to 8 seconds

Devastator Mode Power
– Base rate of fire bonus decreased from 15% to 10%

Incinerate Power
– Base damage increased from 300 to 330

Carnage Power
– Base damage increased from 315 to 350

– Impact damage for all kits with pull is now 100 to match Asari Justicar
– Rank 3 duration bonus increased from 40% to 50%
– Evolve 1 duration bonus increased from 50% to 100%
– Evolve 2 radius bonus increased from 2m to 2.5m
– Evolve 3 lifted damage per second increased from 20 to 75
– Evolve 4 extra damage done to targets increased from 25% to 30%
– Evolve 5 biotic combo damage bonus increased from 50% to 75%
– Evolve 6 recharge bonus increased from 60% to 150%

Gold and Platinum Difficulties
– Enemy shield/barrier damage gates on weapon damage reduced from 100% to 90%, which
means 10% of the remaining weapon damage after impacting shields/barriers will pass
through to health.

The work above comes from a real craftsman of taking the fun out of anything that’s supposed to be fun.
I like how he buffs the N7 Indra Sniper Rifle, but it’s not really a sniper rifle, because the damage is crap anyway.

The bad he does are the changes to the Destroyer and the Typhoon. Also Smash on the Vanguard/Adept being slower. I don’t understand why that needed to be changed. I guess the data from this previous weekend, showed that too many people were having fun, so he made it suck. I can only imagine what changes he has in store with the other N7. Eric Fagnan needs to be removed from his seat at the Bioware Douchebag Council, and kick his little puppet Derek Holan out too. It’s disappointing to see this.

I’m shocked that people actually beat this weekends challenge too. I play on the PC myself and I hardly ever saw anyone when I clicked quick match. I had to do it alone and give myself an edge just to survive. The numbers must all come from the console players. I feel that the two platforms (console an pc) should never mix for changes. They shouldn’t change anything on the PC, but they do… and more people cheat and get away with it. I don’t even call it cheating in this game though, it’s balancing the game back to a 50/50 chance.

Anyway with the event done, I’m going back to the ME3 emulator. There’s more players there, they are nice too, but I don’t need them if I don’t want them, as the much bigger and better in every way possible emulator modification of ME3, is far superior to the “official” one.

This is funny, it’s going around alot of sites right now, not sure who made it so I can’t credit:This would be a good event, he looks like he belongs in the reaper faction. their shit comes alive and attacks you, and that's what it looks like.