Mass Effect 3 Operation OVERWATCH

Turn off the feature that reports back your multiplayer stats. The N7 characters are not good for a reward, and not worth having the game be nerfed further. What do I mean by this? The only reason they have these events is to collect data to nerf things, most people not on the Bioware forums know this. I’d suggest avoid playing, lets send a message to the developers that we want a fun game; although at this point with the krysae and infiltrator nerf, headshots not counting right, slow reloads on high power sniper rifles and everyone else playing and moving fast while the sniper build sucks, the game is already ruined.


Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Eric Fagnan


The man in this picture is Eric Fagnan, and he “works” at BioWare. He has some skewed sense of balance in the multiplayer component, and alienates quite a portion of the community.  There’s already countless other blogs, forums and twitter people who hate this guy and  while I do agree with their reasons for feeling this way, probably more than they even understand, I don’t agree with the method they use.  I will be doing my best not to let my anger get in the way of my posts.

A GOOD number of people on Tumblr and Reddit and various other sites seem to really bash this guy to pieces and he deserves it. His unprofessional approach to “balancing” the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer in favor of the people who whine on the forums, or for just groups of players only is terrible,  and it’s leaving out the other half of the community who just want to play with their significant others or friend or alone.

He treats the game as if it’s competitive and borderline MMORPG, thus throwing in terrible nerfs that render fun guns useless (useless content is not a good thing from the producers point of view) and not letting people play alone if they choose on harder difficulties (Infiltrator nerfs, headshots not counting). It’s quite sad since games like Borderlands,the Left 4 Dead franchise and Gears of War 1-3 which are more competitive by far and similar with their vs AI modes, allow people to solo/duo or whatever on multiple difficulty levels, and there are never nerfs to weapons or classes, this I know.  In all honestly, the only good thing Eric Fagnan’s nerfs have produced is the wonderful underground PC only emulator for ME3 Multiplayer.  For people who don’t know, it’s based out of Japan, but you can play it fine anywhere, using unreal’s coding from the Unreal Tournament series that let’s people /connect ip, and you are in the lobby. You can also solo, duo, trio any game difficulty and it’s a bit more forgiving, and even has some new bosses thrown in not to set people up to fail and die, but for FUN – a concept many claim Fagnan lacks an understanding of, and I can’t say I don’t agree.  There’s also maps from all 3 games (87 regular and 109 extended versions) in total as of this writing), but locations not seen in the official multiplayer. There’s more characters to play (59 right now), completely new powers, all the guns work prior to the nerfs Eric did, and best of all you have over 11 factions to fight, some content is brand new and based on the novels and comic books too. Best of all and unlocking characters, guns and equipment obviously isn’t an issue. Unlocking upgraded versions works, but no money is exchanged, it’s completely free.  *Getting access to it is tough and I had to edit this paragraph to remove the link. If you search hard enough you’ll find it.

So, back to the point of this blog, which will be to illustrate what Eric does wrong when balancing the game and what he should do to correct it. His take on the multiplayer is delusional almost… and it’s what’s driven so many people out that now play the emulator, because they are looking for the classic 2 player co-op where you don’t fail because of the enemy buffs Eric’s added.  Again, while the whole game might be easy for some people, based on tumblr, gamefaq, gamespot and reddit posts,  most find that the bronze difficulty seems too easy, silver just too hard for playing alone or with a buddy. All of that balancing is done very haphazardly by Fagnan, and it’s frustrating to see.  I’ll go over the changes he needs to make in another post, but I wanted to start this blog now.