Why is it the Krogan Vanguard can play gold without consumables but other classes can’t?

Actually some others can but I’m talking about a specific situation called solo or duo play. I don’t want the krogan nerfed either but it’s ridiculous that he can solo/duo everything gold, yet other characters I like can’t at all without consumables. often I don’t have any consumables so I can’t really play gold with my friend. Because of a poor connection although let’s say if I didn’t have a poor connection it was just preference I play duo and gold. There’s no way to do it without consumables. I hardly ever get enough credits due to mission failures. If I do get them I care more about unlocking new characters or weapons since so much I have is garbage. I just find it frustrating because silver is a bit too easy to solo or duo. Gold is just too hard unless I’m playing a krogan or a using consumables. I run out of those often so it’s not really fun to have to fall back on the krogan again and again. It just seems like a big scam. I don’t know how the x-box version is, but the pc it’s just tough with connection issues and the small amount of people who play. So mostly I am duoing it. What’s even more odd is the krogan’s ability to solo/duo you’d assume is from his size and his physical strength. Yet the one aspect of him that keeps him alive is what everyone has, which is shields. His are just higher for some unknown reason. Strip his shields away and I see him go down just as fast as everyone else. There just seems to be a lack of fairness in multiplayer.

Now I’ve talked about the emulator/mod for this game and it’s fun to play. Alot of people play it because Eric Fagnan doesn’t treat everyone very friendly, only the outspoken assholes on the Bioware Social Network. People like me experience the same horrible problems in ME3, go into apathy and go somewhere else for their happiness, which is this ME3 emulator/modification. I have to split my time between the emulator and the official because my friend won’t play that. I really wish there was a version between gold and silver that was similar to the best parts of each. More enemies from gold, yet the ability to solo or duo without any consumables, which silver offers. Of course if they ever made a mode like that I’m sure they’d short us on credits which is sad.

Another thing is I can be doing completely well, and get grabbed by a brute, banshee, phantom etc from fairly far away. it doesn’t even make sense that skill is disregarded here and some cheap instant kill can take you out. The enemies themselves can take several hits to kill or strip their shields down even with the acyolate, yet the enemy themselves can kill us in just 2-3 hits. Sometimes 1. Sometimes I have full shields/health and I’m the server host and I will get one shot by a generic cerberus solider, or a cannibal. It just seems odd so much is broke about the multiplayer.

It’s just sad I love the product but with the game being so poorly managed like this I think it’s time to give up on Bioware and EA. Other games allow you to solo or duo every difficulty, such as the Gears of Wars games, Left 4 Dead, Heist, Halo 4 even and many others. Bioware, or Eric Fagnan just won’t allow people to play every characters as easily as perhaps his favorite which is the Krogan. it’s really unfair we are forced to use consumables and if we run out, then we can’t even play gold with stuff like the Fury or Shadow. It would be nice if there was a way to just alter the gameplay like other games have. More spawns, less damage from enemies and the need to use consumables should go away if the player so chooses. Or just make the rounds work where we can pick different consumables from an unlimited pool and stop making it a limited feature.