Eric Fagnan New Multiplayer “Balance” Changes

First off, sorry I closed comments on the other posts. I think enough was said. I have these set to moderate, just because of the negative death threat posts towards Fagnan. I rather just see him replaced by someone experienced.

The new changes seem like Eric Fagnan is setting us up for a big nerf next week, because that’s how he does things. Hopefully not, but once a noob, always a noob. These latest changes are either him trying to make things better, or just a setup. I love how because players won Operation Alloy, they are given something. Makes it sound like if they fail the next event, he’ll nerf/take away something, which makes me think this Fagnan hasn’t learned anything. My guess is the real people that run the show at Bioware or EA told Eric not to do any nerfing so they’d not be so angry they wouldn’t by the Leviathan DLC.

On a side note – the game is really dead. Everyone is either playing the mod/emu whatever you call it, because the number of posts in “that place” is like 9 to 1 on the official forums. Either that or they all went to guild wars 2.

Here’s the latest changes:

August 28, 2012

Gold and Platinum Difficulties
– Enemy shield/barrier damage gates on weapon damage reduced from 90% to 75%, which means
25% of the remaining weapon damage will pass through to health.

Medigel maximum capacity increased from 5 to 6 due to the success of Operation Alloy

Falcon Assault Rifle
– Encumbrance decreased from [2.0-1.4] to [1.75-1]

Geth Pulse Rifle
– Damage increased from [24.1-30.1] to [27.4-34.2]

Hawk Missile Launcher Power
– Rank 3 damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%
– Evolve 1 shield penalty reduction increased from 15% to 25%
– Evolve 2 damage bonus increased from 30% to 40%
– Evolve 3 missile refire time reduction increased from 25% to 35%
– Evolve 5 damage of split missiles increased from 50% to 75%
– Evolve 6 damage bonus increased from 100% to 150%


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