Eric Fagnan (George Bush of Video Game Balance) and his “balance” Changes Mass Effect 3 August 8-8-12

This is what he’s posted so far –

Here is a preview of some of the changes this week:

Enemy shield regeneration mechanics on Platinum are being tweaked to increase the delay before shields/barriers start regenerating. Once they start regenerating, however, they will regenerate at a faster rate and up to a higher maximum. This is to give slow firing weapons more time to prevent the regeneration.

Piranha damage reduction.

This guys nuts. I see alot of hatred on so many forums for him, not just the BioWare ones. Even now I’m coming to the conclusion that my “brute force” tactics are needed to break Eric Fagnan, just to salvage what very little good, and I mean VERY little good, is left about this game.

The only positive thing is there’s a great MOD (emulator) out there that has more content than BioWare will ever put out for their game and no nerfs, no forced grouping and no grinding for anything.

I won’t open comments yet. He hasn’t released the actual nerf list.


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