Eric Fagnan Strikes Again ( Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer “balance” Changes )

N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle
– Damage multiplier when fully ramped up decreased from [2.0x] to [1.5x]

N7 Indra Sniper Rifle
– Damage increased from [62.6-78.2] to [72.6-92.2]

Prothean Particle Beam Assault Rifle
– Damage increased from [17.2-21.4] to [19.2-25.8]

Smash Power
– Base cooldown increased from 5 to 8 seconds

Devastator Mode Power
– Base rate of fire bonus decreased from 15% to 10%

Incinerate Power
– Base damage increased from 300 to 330

Carnage Power
– Base damage increased from 315 to 350

– Impact damage for all kits with pull is now 100 to match Asari Justicar
– Rank 3 duration bonus increased from 40% to 50%
– Evolve 1 duration bonus increased from 50% to 100%
– Evolve 2 radius bonus increased from 2m to 2.5m
– Evolve 3 lifted damage per second increased from 20 to 75
– Evolve 4 extra damage done to targets increased from 25% to 30%
– Evolve 5 biotic combo damage bonus increased from 50% to 75%
– Evolve 6 recharge bonus increased from 60% to 150%

Gold and Platinum Difficulties
– Enemy shield/barrier damage gates on weapon damage reduced from 100% to 90%, which
means 10% of the remaining weapon damage after impacting shields/barriers will pass
through to health.

The work above comes from a real craftsman of taking the fun out of anything that’s supposed to be fun.
I like how he buffs the N7 Indra Sniper Rifle, but it’s not really a sniper rifle, because the damage is crap anyway.

The bad he does are the changes to the Destroyer and the Typhoon. Also Smash on the Vanguard/Adept being slower. I don’t understand why that needed to be changed. I guess the data from this previous weekend, showed that too many people were having fun, so he made it suck. I can only imagine what changes he has in store with the other N7. Eric Fagnan needs to be removed from his seat at the Bioware Douchebag Council, and kick his little puppet Derek Holan out too. It’s disappointing to see this.

I’m shocked that people actually beat this weekends challenge too. I play on the PC myself and I hardly ever saw anyone when I clicked quick match. I had to do it alone and give myself an edge just to survive. The numbers must all come from the console players. I feel that the two platforms (console an pc) should never mix for changes. They shouldn’t change anything on the PC, but they do… and more people cheat and get away with it. I don’t even call it cheating in this game though, it’s balancing the game back to a 50/50 chance.

Anyway with the event done, I’m going back to the ME3 emulator. There’s more players there, they are nice too, but I don’t need them if I don’t want them, as the much bigger and better in every way possible emulator modification of ME3, is far superior to the “official” one.

This is funny, it’s going around alot of sites right now, not sure who made it so I can’t credit:This would be a good event, he looks like he belongs in the reaper faction. their shit comes alive and attacks you, and that's what it looks like.


96 thoughts on “Eric Fagnan Strikes Again ( Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer “balance” Changes )

  1. Zac says:

    If only this game was a game. It’s like some virtual job, where you have to farm if you can’t hack. I’m not stupid and therefore can’t hack the game, I just have other skills so I have to farm. Eric made the game that way. Lately though I’ve just been griefing players since I don’t have any consumables now. I probably should try to do it, just because I don’t really care about the game anymore. Eric sucked all the fun out of it with his nerfs. Sniping is a horrible experience now, and as people have said by the time you kill 1-2 guys most of the other classes have killed 3+ guys. The sniper builds should work that way too.

    Generally speaking, the whole game should just go back to how it was when it was first released. It was fun and playing gold alone was possible. I don’t know why they keep making it hard, and any new dlc I don’t care about because you can’t trust it to stay good with Eric and the community crying for nerfs.

  2. spitefulwar says:

    The mod rocks! no more dev nerfs and lame bioware community. Thanks for the heads up.

    If anyone here is on the fence about it, just try it. It works great and the AI is better but not impossible, and there’s friendly units that help in some maps, plus the big reaper bosses you can solo! Most of all there is at least 95% more content. Even if Bioware did this, it wouldn’t happen until next year, but they would never do it. They’d never let people make maps, let us play platinum alone, have all these new classes, weapons, enemies, objectives that have real npcs you have to escort, non-nerfed guns and powers and the list goes on.

    One thing I have to say about the new maps, many are ported from me2 or me3 singleplayer and rebuilt to work in multiplayer but some are totally new and made by names I recognize from the the MakeSomethingUnreal contest. This is top tier stuff, from people who were using the Unreal engine longer than anyone at Bioware, and about 83 or 86 people on the team. There’s no maps and characters almost every day just. On a few maps there’s 100s of guys coming at you and you can pilot an Atlas and get massive kills, melee brutes and banshees in it and other bosses. It’s not about credits it’s about having FUN. An example of one of the new characters – the fan version of the cerberus defector, she’s the best fucking sniper and has a pretty face, not just another helmeted retextured model. Her sniper expertise tree, forgot the name, but it makes her extremely lethal with any sniper rifle you like. It’s all new stuff. Going back to playing, but I had to mention how awesome it is.

    Just search on youtube, its in the Japanese section. I think once more people have it in their hands, they’ll start going public they said. Not sure, I don’t really understand Japanese 100%. They are working with some real developers who dislike bioware/eric too and just want to make it free from being miserable to play.

    • JayB says:

      Finally played it too. It’s too bad these people aren’t actually Bioware because this is what the real game should be like. It’s more addicting than ANYTHING I’ve played in the past few years. Vast amounts of content and that new cerberus nemesis defector IS a REAL sniper and has smoke grenades too and 3 types of ammo, and you can fully take 2 of those ammo types to the 6th evolution and still take the cloak, fitness etc. Well it’s different than the Bioware version in most ways. There’s 6 skills and you can fill out most of them, and then at level 20 you open the second tier where you specalize in damage or defense but there’s some others I’m not sure about. Luckily you can respec anytime you want. I hope they make more infiltrators like her. Just aiming her gun debuffs targets with that huge laser site, so against bosses it’s really fun, but she does great damage is what I like.

      • Marcus says:

        I like that the cover and revive keys are totally different. I also like that I don’t see enemies spawn in front of me like on the Bioware version.

      • Ivy says:

        Did you try her melee? you can leap across the map with jets like the phantom, and stab people with that omni bayonet, but it’s not the mod attachment, it’s part of her character.

    • Graff says:

      Why not post the URL?

      • Ivy says:

        The moderator of the forum deletes it from our posts. The people who made it don’t want us linking it yet. It’s not hard to find if you know Japanese and the mod itself is in English. There’s over 14k people in it’s *EDIT* group now! This mod has way more talented people working on iT than bioware.

  3. Krogan SpaceHulk says:

    the mod sounds awesome but the file size is bigger than the first 3 games combined. I do want to get away from Fagnan’s reach tho…

  4. Ini.Hax says:

    I’ll still play the regular game until they find a way to ban people for hacking which seems unlikely, as it would require a major patch to the multiplayer element. In SWTOR hacking commendations is still easy and undetectable, so are credits, same in ME3. You just have to do it properly and not tell anyone unless they are family or close friends.

  5. Speedforce says:

    FUCK ERIC FAGNAN, I’m hacking. I can’t solo the fucking reapers on any difficulty with the shadow. I mean I can kill the stupid easier guys but any bosses or things like ravagers acid blood kill me over and over. I won’t use rockets and crap, that’s such a waste of credits to replenish them. cheap fucking banshee and brute execution move you can’t dodge and then when you kill the brute he falls on you and can kill you. Christ sake this game is total bullshit that smells like that picture of Fagnan. I wish it was fair and exciting like all the other games that have the similar horde mode. In this everything sucks and then eric makes it suck more with nerfs cause some fat asses on the social forums complain about make believe overpowered weapons or classes. Hey hey hey don’t forget the worthless moderators that close threads were people hate fagnan’s nerfs but they leave open threads where people complain themselves in a whining sales pitch that a gun is overpowered or a class is shooting too fast or smashing to often! If it’s only a couple seconds difference, why do it in the first place? Fagnan you SUCK dick.

    • Vinjitsu says:

      haha angry? We all already know that fagnan is a stupid shithead. we all get it. That pro-nerf cult on the forums is ridiculous and I don’t know any of those people and I have about 140 friends on origin who don’t ever say anything is OP. Most of us think most everything is weak and needs buffing. Luckily one of the guys has the ipad validation thingie. =)

      • ian007 says:

        it is kind of sad a good portion of us not just here but all over are using cheats, hacks, card scanners and such to actually do well. I never thought a game would resort to that but it’s insanely difficult and balance choices by the devs is not only unfair but just cruel. Someone should take notice at EA or BW and lay those bastards off for doing a bad job. People are finally really starting to point fingers at the devs and this Eric Fagan guy.

  6. Woodget says:

    anyone got good news to report, like fagnan is fired or the reapers turned him to paste?

  7. Mark G says:

    Hi everyone, I just found the site. Nice to see likeminded people who thought the nerfs were crazy too. I’m not sure what good everyone will do since the moderators on the social forums just ban people who go up against Eric, and at least they have no jurisdiction beyond their hopeless failing community, but hopefully something good comes of this. It seems like things are at a breaking point. Especially with this emulator everyone is playing. I got it and it’s amazing and then I saw some people talking about this page…

    • A Fragdoll says:

      hi Mark. Lets hope we make a change but either way the modification that takes this little side game into a full fledged game is amazing and we have that. It runs well. I see the new build incorporated an mp3 player. I vaguely remember it in ut2003/4. This really adds alot, using the music from the launch trailer when playing or any of that composers music. New pure sniper girl is amazing work. I could play a whole entire singleplayer game based on just her.

  8. Ben C says:

    So I tried the mod for the game, it’s really impressive. I’d have paid real money for something like that. The nicest thing is none of the balance changes are really there, but a bunch of other tweaks that make the game and overall better experience. Basically everything in the Bioware version is there and improved on. There are about 80% more maps to play and many maps have two versions to them, standard or XL. The XL maps are huge and in a few you actually escort an NPC from the shuttle to a computer or from within the base to the shuttle or the Rio map where you help evacuate a few survivors. Even with just one person you can do all this so it’s a refreshing change. There are even NPCS that come out of the shuttle to gun down any enemies that get near the ship. I don’t understand why Bioware won’t add AI partners like that, so people can play it by themselves. It’s very similar to Left 4 Dead but lots more interesting.

    All the new characters and the new abilities are imaginative and amazed me. especially the Cerberus defector. She’s the kind of sniper in the infiltrator class we need. None of these are re-textured but brand new models that seamlessly fit with the stock content. I wonder if some are leaked from the Leviathan DLC? Some of the content looks like what I’ve seen or that has been described from it.

    The thing that stands out the most is how professional the whole mod feels. I wouldn’t really call it a mod, but a full game. The multiplayer in the ME3 game feels more like a little mod to me, of course run by people who don’t understand all the things so passionately described here both appropriately and inapporpriately.

    It’s great to see what people pushed too far will do with a franchise they love. This hands down beats any mod I’ve ever played. I’m guessing lot of that is due to the fact the people who made this multiplayer mod actually work for the game industry themselves and the other half should be.

    • Graves says:

      This mod is really hard to get your hands on though, I don’t get why? It took me 3 weeks to even track it down.

      • John T3D says:

        Well it was out for a long time in Japan and based out of Japan. It took me a week and a half to find it too and then they didn’t approve me at first because I live close to Bioware. I guess they assumed I worked there, but in the end they gave me access to the URL to download it. I noticed they changed it 24 hours later. I don’t think Bioware could shut them down though. Eric Fagnan doesn’t even have power to stop people in the same region as himself from hacking and using cheats. He’s a pretty useless guy, sad really. I can’t see any real studio hiring him but Bioware, and they don’t really even need him. He just invalidates all the characters and weapons and all the hard work everyone else did in making those by nerfing things. He has more loyalty to the low lifes on the forums then he does to actual true gamers.

      • Had to edit your post, they don’t want links. I’m sure soon enough that will change. Their “group” where everyone comes together grew 75% bigger in less than 24 hours. I’m fairly certain that at this point there are more people there than on the bioware multiplayer forums. I can’t even find anyone to play with on the official game (PC), not that I would. My intention has always been to play alone.

  9. shane says:

    The bioware multiplayer forums are basically a daycare for adult children who have no job, Eric fagnanny is the person watching over them, giving them nerfs (that aren’t needed) when the cry for them, while people move on.

  10. CM says:

    That’s the patch the drove me to glitch and just recently to hack. Mpc helped me learn to hack everything.

  11. zHHk-z3ro-01 says:

    You guys know you can just hack the game back to before the devs changed everything right?

    • Blackout says:

      Christ dude, read the comments. We’ve known that forever. Alot of us do it but the point is we don’t want to do it. We just feel we have to cheat to balance things back to somewhat normal gameplay because we don’t agree with Eric’s changes. Maybe if he was well known and did things that make sense. Unfortunately he’s a noob and his changes are too drastic at times and mostly he’s directed by what the community freeloaders cry to nerf. He’s destroyed his reputation. If he’s in charge of any of bioware’s future releases, I know lots of people who won’t be buying them.

  12. Admiral Hack-It says:

    This is what basically happens and Eric Fagnan’s a douche for not seeing the source of all this games problems starts with his lack of understanding how a shooter (vs ai) works. New stuff comes out that’s perfectly fine, even the Krysae rifle was fine, they just needed to balance the other sniper rifles up like another person did. Anyway new stuff comes out, the people who won’t play anything but the ugly asari and salarian cry when they see these new classes and weapons and people killing better than they are. The go to the forums and demand a nerf, eric listens, game sucks, people make a mod in japan that outdoes the real multiplayer in every way, half go play that, the other half hack the game to make their nerfed guns and characters perform as they did. eric makes the ai harder but doesn’t understand how headshots, balance really work etc. That whole thing is a mess. People die alot more and are forced to waste their credits on consumables. People hack those so they don’t waste any money and this goes on and on. Whatever nerfs he does next, people will hack more. EA servers and Fagnan can’t see the hacks even though they boast they can on the forums. They definitely can’t. People that work at Bioware and EA that dislike Bioware for various reasons report that they can’t see it. We’ve seen documented proof they can’t too. Bioware and Fagnan still claim they can, but they haven’t. Only if a player is stupid enough to cheat in a public match and other players see it and report it, do they ever get caught.

  13. Killjoy says:

    we need operation eric fagnan!

  14. C. Mason says:

    It’s so fucking impossible to solo or duo with the shadow. i always die even with the bonus power and duration in cloak they see me anyway when i kill an enemy they all turn and i’m cloaked… I dont get why we even have more than 1 hp of health we die so fucking fast.

    • Hey I’m going to post a new entry soon, but for now I’m setting posts to moderate, which means no more just in this entry, will be approved. I think the point is clear that Eric Fagnan is a diaster of a game developer.

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