Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Eric Fagnan


The man in this picture is Eric Fagnan, and he “works” at BioWare. He has some skewed sense of balance in the multiplayer component, and alienates quite a portion of the community.  There’s already countless other blogs, forums and twitter people who hate this guy and  while I do agree with their reasons for feeling this way, probably more than they even understand, I don’t agree with the method they use.  I will be doing my best not to let my anger get in the way of my posts.

A GOOD number of people on Tumblr and Reddit and various other sites seem to really bash this guy to pieces and he deserves it. His unprofessional approach to “balancing” the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer in favor of the people who whine on the forums, or for just groups of players only is terrible,  and it’s leaving out the other half of the community who just want to play with their significant others or friend or alone.

He treats the game as if it’s competitive and borderline MMORPG, thus throwing in terrible nerfs that render fun guns useless (useless content is not a good thing from the producers point of view) and not letting people play alone if they choose on harder difficulties (Infiltrator nerfs, headshots not counting). It’s quite sad since games like Borderlands,the Left 4 Dead franchise and Gears of War 1-3 which are more competitive by far and similar with their vs AI modes, allow people to solo/duo or whatever on multiple difficulty levels, and there are never nerfs to weapons or classes, this I know.  In all honestly, the only good thing Eric Fagnan’s nerfs have produced is the wonderful underground PC only emulator for ME3 Multiplayer.  For people who don’t know, it’s based out of Japan, but you can play it fine anywhere, using unreal’s coding from the Unreal Tournament series that let’s people /connect ip, and you are in the lobby. You can also solo, duo, trio any game difficulty and it’s a bit more forgiving, and even has some new bosses thrown in not to set people up to fail and die, but for FUN – a concept many claim Fagnan lacks an understanding of, and I can’t say I don’t agree.  There’s also maps from all 3 games (87 regular and 109 extended versions) in total as of this writing), but locations not seen in the official multiplayer. There’s more characters to play (59 right now), completely new powers, all the guns work prior to the nerfs Eric did, and best of all you have over 11 factions to fight, some content is brand new and based on the novels and comic books too. Best of all and unlocking characters, guns and equipment obviously isn’t an issue. Unlocking upgraded versions works, but no money is exchanged, it’s completely free.  *Getting access to it is tough and I had to edit this paragraph to remove the link. If you search hard enough you’ll find it.

So, back to the point of this blog, which will be to illustrate what Eric does wrong when balancing the game and what he should do to correct it. His take on the multiplayer is delusional almost… and it’s what’s driven so many people out that now play the emulator, because they are looking for the classic 2 player co-op where you don’t fail because of the enemy buffs Eric’s added.  Again, while the whole game might be easy for some people, based on tumblr, gamefaq, gamespot and reddit posts,  most find that the bronze difficulty seems too easy, silver just too hard for playing alone or with a buddy. All of that balancing is done very haphazardly by Fagnan, and it’s frustrating to see.  I’ll go over the changes he needs to make in another post, but I wanted to start this blog now.


45 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Eric Fagnan

  1. Sad Infiltrator says:

    From what I read on reddit from the employee at BioWare who leaks all the info which is ALWAYS correct, mind you – Eric Fagnan sucks at the multiplayer and when people do better than him with a class or gun, he nerfs it. He can’t aim worth shit or play classes that require skill, which is why he’s nerfing infiltrators. The same person who releases all the leaks said this so it has to be true, since everything else they have said is.

  2. Will says:

    I agree with you about the nerfs being uncalled for, especially on the krysae. The only way to fix that is to turn off that feature that you report back to bioware, and use the udk/uscript to change the weapon back to how it was. It’s so simple, those guys shouldn’t even be getting paid to do it.

    I also don’t like how slow the infiltrator specced for sniping kills now, while every other class can double or nearly triple the score in most cases with lag. It’s like the devs or eric or whoever don’t realize that. Not to mention headshot damage is pathetic.

    The N7 classes all feel weak too. The shadow and fury die so fast, and their damage output isn’t as good as other classes. For example after the second shadow strike, unless you use those lame animation cancel/noob tricks, you get shot to death. The dodge on that and the fury which is also weak get me killed more than anything. The damage should be higher on the shadow too, but the fury feels about right. maybe a little more for guardians, since every other class can one shot them, except the lagging infiltrator.

    When it comes to playing with others, I don’t like it. The Bioware community is really off-putting and I really only like playing with my girlfriend. I wish the devs would make silver and gold more duoable. You made a good point about that with l4d, borderlands, gears and even killing floor. Those games are actually competitive and you can solo them. The enemies don’t have some insanity buffs or anything. Elite is pretty hard to solo alone in L4D 1/2 especially on the finales, but it’s possible damn it! Mass Effect 3 multi should be the same. Definitely because it’s hard to find a game on the PC, people leave you for dead alot and many other rude comments. Mostly I just like playing with my gfriend, but bronze is too easy and silver is just a bit too difficult after wave 5. Not to mention the credits you get aren’t worth the time investment on any of the difficulties.

    I might give the emulator a try if they ever approve me for the downloaded content I need. I saw the new classes and how the AI works for any number of players, I’d rather play on there. I also like that everything is unlocked and they let you get unlimited respecs too.

  3. Pulsewave says:

    I saw people talking about this site in origin tonight when I played. Sure there are problems with the infiltrator, but also most of the other classes and several guns. The big issue is that it seems eric or derek holan, I think his name is, are assuming everyone likes to fuck together. I like to play with a few friends and half the time they all aren’t on so I’m not going to share my favorite hobby with complete strangers, so I play alone and try to solo gold but die a billion times. I mean maybe that’s how Fagnan does things in canada but it’s not the normal. Then I go over to L4D2 on STEAM, and play a real game, soloable when no ones on and made by real developers. I mean Eric is sort of new, his resume on linkdn is sad. He has no real experience. I hope Borderlands 2 crushes this game so everyone quits and Eric’s kid goes hungry because he’s too sad to make a video game fun. Okay maybe I don’t want the kid to go hungry but maybe he can get a job balancing korean mmos, since he and maybe Holan are masochists.

    All multiplayer is with strangers:
    -Miserable experience on the PC and PS3, the two platforms I play
    -People trash talk so it isn’t even fun
    -People never revive.
    -People use cheats and I won’t report it on the forums because a friend of mine reported someone and they got banned and I know they don’t cheat, so that there already makes me hate Bioware.

    I’ve mostly been joining servers griefing. It’s easy to get the whole group to drop. If the devs or Eric is measuring balance of weapons on gameplay datamining, he’s way off. Lots of people play strange to farm. I’m asked to not kill anything and just escort one character and I’ll get free credits. Lots if sinister stuff going on. As you said, and many others say, it seems as if they are treating a shooter as a mmorpg. It’s silly. It should be a fun game like the other games mentioned are, but it’s mostly a crap experience. I’m done with it anyway, might try that emulator out. Too bad the people running it are overly suspicious of everyone asking to have the download to play it.

  4. -M- says:

    Eric Fagnan sucks. I really dislike the multiplayer now. I remember when infiltrators were good, and lots of guns not just that sniper rifle were also good, but now suck. It’s really dumb that they make these guns then nerf them so no one really ends up using them anymore. I don’t know who taught Eric Fagnan how to balance a game, but he’s terrible at it. I also wish they’d make female versions of the male human N7. It’s lame that just the male gets to be the destroyer. With the infiltrator basically gone and my favorite armor look was on that (I hate adepts) I wish the soldier had it instead of that big ugly vanguard armor. Then again without the guns and class changes unnerfed, I wouldn’t play it anymore and just stick to the emu. Playing the real phantom with those animations is better than that gimped shadow. I’m only posting here because i see you did what I did but maybe it’s too late now..

  5. Black0ut says:

    just got out of multi too. infiltrator got hit hard. without more damage and a faster rate of fire it is pathetic. All the other classes seem to attack so much faster and hit for more damage. Maybe a real sniper should show eric what the rifle can do. In the mass effect universe fagnen’s reduced it to a shit.

  6. Sage says:

    Just play the emulator, problem solved!

  7. deepgroove says:

    The infiltrators I played with last night (pc) were scoring real low. People were just jealous of them so the devs nerfed them, but too much. Bioware is dumb, and losing money. No point in buying Bioware points if you just get stuff that’s been made weak and crap. better to be a freeloader and play for free. The thing they don’t want you to know is if you turn off the feedback and use a proxy you can cheat and get as many credits as you want. They can’t see that and they don’t want people to know. You could also just unlock guns yourself even the dlc. Works with a few game engines. You can do it on the console too, but it’s a little more work. Last if you get the card scanner attachment for an ipad, you can just steal the cards and valdiate them yourself. I’m not suggesting you commit a crime, just saying it’s possible. That also works with SOE and pretty much any game that uses cards.

  8. UMad says:


  9. A.A. says:

    Lol. He probably plays the console version where they have aim assist then nerfs it across all platforms which hurts the real gamers = PC PLAYERS. I think the last guy to post that insane sniper rifle nerf is responsible too, derek holan handjob. that’s how ill refer to him now. he looks like a fag more than fagnan which looks like a troll.

  10. orakio says:

    What was said about Eric or the developers treating a shooter like a mmorpg is what seems true. It’s not very fun when things that should work like other shooters don’t work in this game which feels like a shooter… well did. I wish we could solo or duo every game difficulty too. It’s not fun playing with strangers. I don’t get anything from playing with people I don’t know and my brother and I are the only people who play it, and we don’t really want to be forced to make a friend to play this game. I mostly just wish it was made by valve or epic, two studios that know what they’re doing. They let people play how they want and they never nerf guns. Sniping in any of those games is good and strong as it should be, but in ME3 it’s just too slow now. It would be better if every shot killed but the devs added some stupid mmorpg elements in there. It’s as if eric/devs are confused on what the game is supposed to be. It’s also Fagnan’s first multiplayer according to his tiny resume’ and it shows. The only way they could repair it where I’d go back and quit the emulator is if they improved the sniper build of the infiltrator on ALL the races, not just make a new one, and if they stopped weakening things or making the AI harder and harder. Doing that just makes it feel like an mmorpg and not an actual shooter. Not to mention, as it’s been said this isn’t competitive thankfully. I wish they’d remove the score at the end. It doesn’t make sense. It shouldn’t be about who is most valuable just that you beat the damn thing.

    and I’m sure after this weekend event, Eric is going to have a “gay” old time nerfing anything that was good… well that’s left. “Fagnerf” is pretty funny! Anyway back to the free version of the game. On the emulator everything is perfect and the people who balanced that stuff made it feel alot more like a true shooter. No farming is a plus too. I can actually just have everything and enjoy the game without feeling like it’s a job.

  11. Wolf says:

    You guys are never going to get what you want unless fagnan gets fired or someone kills him. Better to play the emulator where you just get everything and actually is fun to play. The version fagnan works on is a joke and he looks like shit. I mean Bioware could save themselves alot of money firing him. His job is pointless. He drives people away and the tweaks he does can all be undone right in the scripts. It’s not even hard to do. He probably learned how to do his job from a book for dummies. His brother looks like a pussy too. Just look at the clothes those two wear on his facebook page! Fagnan is in Canada while the servers are in Austin right? I wish he lived in Austin i’d beat the fucking shit out of him and shove a stick up his ass and turn him into a fagsicle.

  12. Gaze says:

    I don’t think you have to insult him, he already insults himself with his poor grasp of how a shooter should work. The guy clearly a. listens to only the losers who cry nerf b. sucks at shooters c. noob developer in the game industry. Someone on Reddit says he’s really awful and they work at Bioware too.

  13. Wolf says:

    Well maybe I was harsh but I think everyone here actually cares about the game and wants it to be better, but the person in charge is ruining it. .

  14. Sean_M says:

    It’s really hard to play now, barely anyone around when I choose quick match, this is on the pc too. Luckily I have one friend who owns the game as well, but it’s just too difficult for 2 people to even complete silver matches with the fun but weak N7 characters and bronze is way too easy.

  15. Statesman_HERO says:

    They really need to hire someone that has experience with shooters and knows it’s good to let people play with as many people as they want. This forced grouping shit sucks. There’s no way to beat silver or gold with most characters by yourself, and I absolutely hate the community and who the hell wants to play with strangers? What the hell were they thinking?

    Can someone tell me how to get the emulator? Or is it a mod? I saw it on that japanese youtube channel but i can’t read japanese.

  16. Sage says:

    Well looks like the owner turned on approve posts now for some reason, but if you just send the person who’s posting the videos on youtube a message, they’ll respond. You can send it in english, they seem to speak both languages fine. I think it’s the dark souls guy/girl whoever.They are definitely more pro than eric. it makes his version of balance look like a cheap cs mode or something. The map pack is really huge so be ready to spend 4 or 5 hours downloading it. What you get is the maps, new characters, new objectives and the main client you run which works the same as ut2004 did before they added gamespy.

  17. Statesman_HERO says:

    thanks sage, will do.

  18. Mass Effect Fan says:

    I agree with everything you said. I’m tired of farming and finally getting a good gun, just to see the devs turn it into a POS. I also agree with Statesman about the forced grouping, it’s really bad. I don’t know anyone that plays this so I just use glitches to beat it solo, but it feels empty. Between doing that or playing with strangers, I rather glitch. The Bioware social group is just a bunch of immature kids.

  19. freedom says:

    This isn’t related to the bloggers post but I can confirm the ipad credit card reader works. I had about 200 the guy at my work just threw them out and a bunch more for other games. I went after work and got them out of the trash, scanned them all and after getting everything I wanted, started giving them away. So Bioware isn’t making any money off this game. I’ll get more cards and do it again for people. I only give them away because of the nerfs and poor balance changes the devs do. That and like a few others mentioned, it’s hard to find people to even play with on the PC, and when I do they are all noobs. To be honest I don’t want to group with complete strangers either. I played all of L4D 2 solo with the bots on advanced and always win. It’s not easy but it’s fun and that’s the most important thing about gaming. The Bioware devs for the ME3 mp seem to have forgotten it. I don’t know Eric Fagnan, but if he is in charge, he’s horrible at understanding how multiplayer gaming works with those nerfs. I’m tired of being pushed into grouping with nobodies too, but not just in this game but mmorpgs too. It’s just not fun. I don’t understand why developers think anyone would have fun at that? They must be big losers themselves because I just don’t find playing with people I’ll never meet to be fun.

  20. FUCK BIOWARE says:

    well officially done. the n7 all are weak, even with the optimal builds. the infiltrator sucks now, i mean the real one with the sniper rifle. the only strong stuff is the ugly alien races everyone plays. most people act like pricks too in multiplayer too. Fucking FAGASS would never nerf the asari because all the fanboys would whine. He probably does suck at the game and when he sees a good player he just nerfs the crap out of the class they are playing or the gun they use. FUCK it all. Worthless game with the current treatment it gets.

  21. Jump P. says:

    Why do the best games always get the worst guys nerfing stuff? This Eric Fruitnan guy is like the George Bush of balance boys. Also, don’t forget about Derek Holan or some name. He put up the last nerfs, probably the most amateur one of them all, nerfing a rare gun in every way so it just becomes a trash weapon. What a dumb ass. I don’t play on the PC, but 360 and not many people playing this weekend. Most people on my friends list are going to new games after the last update or back to gears until Borderlands 2 is out. I’m getting sick of the nerfs too, and being bullied around by as far as I know, two different assholes at Bioware. Fuck it.

  22. Light says:

    things that need to be fixed

    -all the n7 are weak .health/shields. The shadow is so fucked when they are the last person left, kill a ravager and then die and people all send me privates messages calling me names. This is all because of Fagnan and if one more person calls me a name because of his poor balancing, I’m gonna fucking kill that ugly piece of shit.I’m tired, so tired… of being insulted because of nerfs and crap characters, and my connection.
    -no more auto kill from brutes, banshees and atlas. The phantom I can understand
    -infiltrator sniper tree needs reworking. Sniper Rifles need to be faster and better. We have omnitools and AI and we can die and be brought back (shepard me2) but the sniper rifles are slower than REAL ones? Fuck Fagnan, look at youtube or go to a range stupid man.
    -the shit we get in packs i keep getting crap and wasting time. Put all your stupid ammo and armor bonus stuff in another pack or make a pack called characters. If the game was actually good we wouldn’t need to buy credits because the game would stand on it’s own merit. So at least make the character packs. It’s horrible we have to farm for this shit with douche-bags all the time.
    -more forgiving difficulty or scaling to the number of people in a mission, AS LOTS of people said already. too fucking hard to do some objectives with 1-2 people, and we should be able to do it. I have a poor fucking connection and i lag all the time, why am I alienated Bioware/Eric Fagnan?

    Thanks for making this blog. Hopefully he reads it. The only reason I’m posting here is the official forums are run by children and children posting. It’s the most fucking scum filled forum on the net for games. All immature pricks.

    THE ASSHOLES ON THE BIOWARE FORUMS SHOULD NOT BE DECIEDING GAMEPLAY CHANGES AND OUR FATE! They are nothing. It’s so sickening that Eric Fagnan listens to them, as if they are more wise than the schooling he apparently didn’t have if he’s listening to babies whiiiiiiiiiining on the god damn forums about shit that’s fine. They are just jealous fagnan, don’t you see that? Stupid fuckhead.


  23. no one says:

    lot of angry people here but I understand why

  24. a "ceo" says:

    Those fake patch notes listed on the forums are an atrocity. I hope they aren’t the real ones. They nerf the Krogan vanguard, they make enemies even stronger …. the games too difficult now. I’m in Canada myself and I’m at the point where I want to take a short road trip, (hell I could walk) to Eric’s place and beat some sense into him, but I can do worse than that. I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate him. People reading this blog thing we hate mass effect 3 is what I had heard somewhere else, but it’s the opposite. We love it and I believe everyone here posting loves it too, and doesn’t want to see it destroyed any further at the hands of Mr. Fagnan or Holan. Why can’t they accept that not everyone is as good as the people who play the game in easy mode? By easy mode I mean they are playing in groups of 4… yet not all of us do. It’s difficult for most of us. Why can’t Eric acknowledge this? Why does he look to stupid kids on the forums for advice on how to do his job? It says alot about the type of person he is. I feel sorry for his wife and child.

    The guy just doesn’t understand his position at Bioware and he listens to one type of gamer (social, shallow ones) and ignores the other type of gamers playing (more selective with who they play with, more casual…more alone for various reasons, be it connection issues with their internet to preference of playing with people they know and like, not just strangers on the internet).

    It breaks my heart that this game is getting nerfed more and more and people on those official forums are praising it like satanists in a cult that Eric Fagnan leads. I’m guessing they will make the enemies have more health and shields. If they do more damage then they do now… well I die in one hit as it is in silver, even in cover and I’ve seen enemies shoot through walls on some maps. I’ve played silver with my girlfriend for 3 months now and we probably only extract at the end about 20% of the time and we play, which is a good 6 hours a day, for at least 4 to 5 days a week. It makes me sad he’s taking this away from us. He already crippled the infiltrator class for her. For that I would literally in a moment of rage, kill that guy. I hate him so much.

    I have finally got my hands on the emulator, it’s really just a mod, but it does let you play far more content and everything it promises it does. I’m not sure I want to play it though. I feel I want to hurt Bioware and Eric specifically by doing a few things others have suggested. A good buddy of mine is manager at a gamestop and he’s willing to give me all the EA game cards for free, and report they were lost or stolen. I’m willing to hand them out to everyone I can and disrupt the amount of money Bioware might get from people buying points. Also where I work… well I’m willing to cause some trouble for Eric’s personal life, but in a legal way that I can, in a VERY legal way that would really cause grief in his life. I’m in that position and I feel sad for thinking of doing it, but I could and probably will if things get worse. I’m tired of all these worthless developers ruining games I love and play with loved ones. I never could touch those people though, because they worked for a different studio. BUT this guy Eric ruining the game, I can affect his job and I can do it legally and I’m considering it. I live about 10 minutes from his home too. I love the ME3 game that much and it is worth fighting for. Especially after Bioware ruined the ending to singleplayer. I won’t let them ruin multiplayer without fighting back.

  25. Gaze says:

    Hey ceo, if you work for Bioware or EA or something go for it but if you don’t, it’s not worth it. I’d like to see Eric fired but it depends what you meant by that post. I’ve been trying to hack his account but that’s about as far as I’d go myself.

  26. a "ceo": says:

    no, I didn’t mean it in a life threatening way. I hold the keys to his job, well Bioware. My brother-in-law also holds the keys to Eric’s money. He can get double fucked easy. Everything done to him can be done legally. Even before his fumble of multiplayer, there was some talks where “I work” about “cutting back” if you know what I mean? It can be done. Even with some nice youtube videos posted to get the reaction!

  27. Olivia says:

    @ ceo what patch notes?

  28. a "ceo" says:

    Ah, I can’t find them now. Basically it was ruining the paladin’s freeze power on bosses which is silly. If anything guns should be too weak on bosses and powers should affect them. For some classes, powers are all we have. If he nerfed the paladin I’d make his child go hungry for sure. Also increasing health and shields to everything which is insane, the game is too hard now. He can do that on platinum but leave silver and gold alone! Couple other minor nerfs that aren’t needed. Then they buff crap no one really uses and the infiltrator still doesn’t get any better abilities. I didn’t see any sniper rifles becoming better either. Also some sort of jackpot credits thing which is wrong, because it again alienates people who don’t want to play with strangers or have poor connections. I’ll find out if it’s true. I’m already going over this guys head, I’ve had it with his inability to perform his job correctly.

  29. Gaze says:

    @ CEO can you get me his IP address please?

  30. Olivia says:

    @ ceo sounds bad if it’s true. Whatever you can do, I hope you do it. I’d love to see eric lose his job but make sure you get that derek holan guy too, he’s just as bad.

  31. -M- says:

    College of alberta…. and he’s working on a multiplayer game, his first as far as I know? What a hack. He didn’t even go to a real college.

  32. Sarah says:

    question why are comments turned on and off all the time? I wrote something huge and then when I went to post suddenly the comments were off, and I lost 2 huge paragraphs!

    • I’m sorry, but I had to restrict a few comments. People were going off the deep-end and posting death threats in regards to Eric Fagnan or ip addresses. I deleted those comments. The guy IS a fool but I don’t want him dead. So when I go afk from my computer at work, I turn off the comments.

      • Sarah says:

        oh, maybe I should have hit reply in this box. Thanks for the reply. I’ll repost but save it in notepad first.

  33. no one says:

    I don’t think eric even cares if people threaten him… well not online anyway. From what was posted on reddit by that individual who leaks all the dlc news, eric is a real bastard anyway, with a poor understanding of what he does, and he only does it to have a job. I do hope @ceo can do something though and I do hope that other person wanting his ip hacks him to hell. He deserves it mostly as a wake up call for all the bad things he does to the me3 multiplayer. He disrepects the time people put into the game or the money if they buy those packs with real money, that shows he’s a sad human being and things like that shouldn’t go unpunished.

    • I just hope he’s done tweaking things. He doesn’t know when enough is enough and it’s abuse in my eyes. It’s wrong of him to expect people to play in groups of 4. It’s wrong to assume and expect people to even want to share their valued free time with strangers online. The game should be accessible across all 4 difficulty levels, with all classes to any number of players, lone wolf or 4 people. He shouldn’t just keep increasing the enemies health or shields in all 4 difficulties, because he views people as winning being a bad thing, and not everyone plays the same. Bottom line is the game should be fun for 1 or 4 people, anything else is unacceptable. Games are supposed to be fun, not work and not so hard it becomes frustrating and people feel so helpless they start blogs, tumblr pages, threads and other stuff, bitching about the game’s problems. Specifically this kind of game. The hard facts are the comparisons brought up time and time again between ME3 and similar and better games like L4D, Borderlands, GoW1-3 and whatever else people said. Eric comes across as the type who plays too many MMOs and is trying to turn a shooter into that kind of game. That is where he is wrong. Listening to all the negative posts from kids on the forums is also wrong, but he does it. I wonder if he has a boss that sees this?

      Casey Hudson, “DR’ Ray Muzyka, Eric Fagnan (seems the worst of them all) and possibly Derek Holan. It’s upsetting BioWare has so many bad apples working there.

      • Jump P. says:

        That’s pretty much how i’d word the situation. You’re being far too kind though.

      • Gambit says:

        Yeah that’s basically what needed to be said, but don’t forget that infiltrators need to be better. Shadow is different and weak but I am talking about snipers spec specifically.

  34. HATRED says:

    I fucking hate I can’t solo with some characters, and get one shotted in even silver. I do hope eric fagnan fucking dies the motherfucking stupid prick. My life is not great and I do what I can with what i have and this game is my favorite and yet I can’t solo, so fuck eric for making my life worse yet. He’s a selfish prick and his kid on that facebook page is shit like his job and his life.

    • I feel for your pain to a degree, but I don’t live your life so I don’t know what your life is like and won’t pretend I do. I don’t wish Eric dead but I DO understand the emotion when playing and not being able to enjoy the game properly due to his incompetence. It makes you feel and wish alot of bad things because there’s so many other co-op shooters you CAN solo but they aren’t Mass Effect. I suggest you look for the emulator/mod. You won’t connect to Bioware or Origin in any way and it has more content then they’ll ever have, lots of difficulty options. They even added a new gametype you can solo, similar to the assault gametype in the Unreal Tournament series. In fact today they added 3 new maps to that gametype. Just search around youtube. It is in Japanese so it might be hard to find at first and I was asked not to link it, but it’s actually not that hard to find.

      • HATRED says:

        Thanks, I’ll look for it. My life isn’t doing too well, and the one thing that makes me forget the pain is this game but it’s impossible to solo silver or gold and you might suggest bronze but it’s just too easy and the credits are impossible to get on my very short timetable in life. You might also tell me to play a quick match but I hate those people and hold them responsible for the nerf this and that messages on the official forums. I rather just be alone with my miserable life. Eric Gaynan and Bioware could care less about sick people though. They are all fucking doomed if I get worse. FUCKING DOOMED.

  35. vanguard anonoononnon says:

    Eric Fagnan is shit

  36. Devilmaycare says:

    I farmed… er unlocked the fury and the shadow tonight… both suck. I mean they don’t live long enough to be good. Like someone said when you shadow strike a ravager you immediately die from it’s acid blood, which is gay like fagnan. Their damage is okay/slightly poor and slow unless i use bad guns, but you die so it doesn’t make sense. I can still out kill them with my other adept or any other character but the sniper infiltrator which is crap. The whole infiltrator/adept classes need fixing but every week Eric or Derek just nerf everything. They alway buff crap stuff. I’m kind of insulted there isn’t a female version of every male N7 either. That makes the destroyer, slayer and sentinel useless to me. I’d have bought packs instead of farming if they were female. Doesn’t much matter, I won’t be playing this much longer. Just preordered borderlands 2 and dark souls on steam. This game is pretty much getting uninstalled so fuck bioware and their nerfing and farming bullshit.

  37. HATRED says:

    I’m sure tomorrow will be nerfs and the devs or eric or whoever is the dummy will think they did good. Stupid cunts.

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